Our values

This set of core values dictates how we navigate the unknown and take strategic decisions. Cryptobiotix is a young, dynamic company founded on those premises and with the ambition to build our future growth on them.

Challenge the status quo

It is as simple as asking ‘why?‘ we do certain things and ‘what if?‘ we would do it differently. Rethinking scientific and business processes are at the core of Cryptobiotix. It is not just a technology, a value proposition and employees; it is all of that put together with an ambition to ask, externally and internally, the right questions to create a lasting story we can all be proud of.

We are scientists and science enthusiasts, but we are people first. The wellbeing of our team is key to a healthy and well-functioning business, where inspiration can drive development past the next frontier. It is our responsibility to provide them with a balanced and satisfying working environment.

We get our energy from asking ‘why?’ and ‘what if?’. We enjoy looking at biological processes through the lens of multidisciplinarity and rethinking how we can tackle bottlenecks and develop new technologies.

Empower all people we interact with

Focusing on what our customers want and need is only one part of the story. All the people we interact with are part of the puzzle and contribute to the success and longevity of Cryptobiotix’s ecosystem.

Therefore, to employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, we pledge to:

  • Listen and think along
  • Be transparent
  • Act with respect

Do what feels right

As a value- and data-driven company, we owe it to ourselves and our stakeholders to act deontologically and morally.

Integrity is a key principle in this process. All data we generate will be processed and interpreted with scientific integrity. We consider the work we do as contributing to the body of knowledge, first of our customer, but eventually of the general public. It is our responsibility to ensure our reports correctly represent the data that was generated.

We welcome collaborations with like-minded individuals and organisations.

Be curious

We love routine when it comes to operational robustness and consistently delivering excellent results.

But it is curiosity that pushes us to explore new paths. The same curiosity incites us to keep up to speed with new trends. This is valid for all aspects of a company, from the science to the way we interact with employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

We embrace curiosity as a way to challenge the status quo.

Our team

There is a difference between a group of people who work together and a group of people who trust each other.

Simon Sinek

The embodiment of our values, the hard workers and nice people that make this journey possible.

Aurélien Baudot
CEO & Co-founder

Aurélien loves both business and science. He thinks in terms of systems, and modularity is a key to his operational approach. He manages daily operations at Cryptobiotix and interacts with customers to frame their research questions into projects with clear deliverables.

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Pieter Van den Abbeele
CSO & Co-founder

Pieter is a seasoned microbiology expert with a knack for developing preclinical models and interpreting complex data. He is the driving force behind the innovation and robustness of our technology. He also coordinates all research projects from start to finish, and integrates the data we generate into carefully interpreted reports.

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Ingmar van Hengel
Business Development Manager

Ingmar built a impressive scientific and commercial career through the years across various fields within the biotech sector. He will be happy to address your research questions, either through a call or in person at conferences.

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Lien Van den Bossche
Project Manager

Lien is an enthusiastic project manager who excels at coordinating and optimising our contract research project portfolio. Thanks to her, our projects are delivered on time, and sometimes even ahead of time.

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Stef Deyaert
SIFR Technology Manager

Stef is our enthusiastic SIFR Technology Manager. He excels at optimising experimental designs and rejoices in the continuous development of our SIFR technology while supporting data integration at Cryptobiotix.

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Lam Dai Vu
Scientific Writer

Lam Dai is a seasoned scientific writer with a knack for the interpretation of complex datasets and their translation into concise messages.

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Claire Huguenard
Method Development Scientist

Claire builds up on her international research excellence to integrate the latest analytical technologies into Cryptobiotix's offering. From research down to operational translation, she ensures the data we generate is of the best quality. 

Jonas Poppe
Gut Microbiome Scientist

Jonas joined the team as Gut Microbiome Scientist. Aside of his vast knowledge of the gut microbiome and preclinical modelling, he brings advanced data analysis and visualisation skills in the equation. 

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Reine Audenaert
Lab Technician

Reine works meticulously in the laboratory to perform SIFR experiments and generate all the data needed for interpretation. Her speed and attention to details translate into a seamless implementation of Cryptobiotix's projects.

Kjell De Vriese
Lab Technician

Kjell has a broad theoretical and practical knowledge, that he puts into his love for lab work and ensuring the lab runs smoothly.

Jacqueline Walker
Lab Technician

Jacqueline is eager to learn and implement new techniques. Her methodical work and generalist mindset contribute to the high quality of implementation of Cryptobiotix's projects.

Liesbeth Van Muylem
Administrative Assistant

Liesbeth helps making sense of the countless administrative processes that are needed to support the functioning and growth of Cryptobiotix. We can always count on her enthusiasm, efficiency and attention to details.